When the last series of Love Island finished, our evenings – once filled with joy and laughter – became empty and meaningless. It took us a long time to recover from feeling like lost hens, resorting to evening games of Scrabble to try to fill the void.

So we’re obviously beyond thrilled that, come Monday, we can finally put the Scrabble back in its rightful *cough* bin *cough* place and dedicate a full hour of our lives (ITV2 9pm-10pm, y’all) to Love Island.

And what better way to mark this momentous occasion than sharing our fave Love Island moments of all time?

Series 1

Jon Clark proposed to Hannah Elizabeth

The Essex duo were paired up from the get go, and in the show’s final week we were on the edge of our seats, half with emoji hearts in our eyes and half slightly cringing when Jon proposed to Hannah in the Love Island villa. But it didn’t last long, as the pair split several months later. Boo!

The Islanders became parents (kind of)

It was about time the Islanders grew up and became responsible adults, so what better way to help them along than throwing in a load of fake babies (with the lungs of real ones)? Some of the couples took to their new-found parenting role well (who’d have imagined Jon Clark as a stay-at-home dad!?), but Josh wasn’t having ANY of it.

Jess got a fair few metaphorical pies in the face

It was hard not to feel for Jess, who initially got paired with Josh, who ditched her for Naomi. Then, when she got paired up with new boy Max, he, too, left her for Naomi. She had the last laugh, though, as she ended up forgiving and recoupling with Max and winning the show! Soz, Jess, but the pies made for GREAT viewing.

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Series 2

Tom’s ex-girlfriend sassily strolled into the villa

The Love Island producers know just how to get pulses racing (and tongues wagging), which is exactly what happened when Tom’s ex-girlfriend Emma strolled into the villa. She immediately caused a stir with Tom’s girlfriend Sophie and had quite an impact on Terry…

… and stole Terry from Malin. But she got her revenge

After Malin was voted out of the villa, Terry promised her they were ‘a thing’ and even offered to leave with her. But it didn’t take long for his mood to lift, when new girl Emma came into the villa, and they wasted no time at all in cracking on – and everything in between. So it was a major face-in-palm situ when Malin returned to Love Island to confront ‘cheating’ Terry, plus the epitome of television gold. She wasted no time at all and went in on a squirming Terry, repeatedly telling him what a ‘mug’ he’d made of himself, and walked away feeling as fierce as Beyoncé in the Single Ladies music vid. So. Damn. Good.

Zara lost her much-loved Miss GB crown

We all felt for unlucky-in-love contestant, Zara Holland, who constantly talked about being Miss GB while insisting she really HATED talking about it. After a string of rejections and doomed couplings, she ended up sleeping with new boy Alex in the Love Shack. She instantly regretted her decision, and as a result of her actions, the beauty pageant organisers decided they couldn’t condone her behaviour and de-crowned her (a decision a lot of us disagreed with). It was hard not to feel really, really bad for the girl, especially when she broke down on TV on hearing that she’d been stripped of her title. In the end, Zara voluntarily left the villa after finding out her mum had fallen ill.

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Series 3

When Georgia got coupled up with Kem

Former TOWIE star Georgia Harrison caused a right stir when she entered the villa and made a beeline for Amber’s (very recent) beau, Kem. The newbie knew what she wanted and, boy, did she go for it. As they say, a picture tells 1,000 words, and a 100 takes couldn’t recreate Amber’s expression…

Stormzy made a shock cameo…

And it was all to support Chris, Kem and Marcel’s new single. When the trio joined together to reveal their new song to the world, we knew it would be good. After all, one band member in particular used to be in the music biz (Marcel was in Blazin’ Squad, did you know?). Even better, Stormzy started a cheeky Skype sesh with the lads to teach them how to express themselves through song. We had big hopes that Stormzy might record a song with them, but perhaps he decided to little bit leave it…

When Chris branded Mike Thalassitis ‘Muggy Mike’

There was no denying, Chris and Olivia were really hitting it off. But when Mike took a fancy to Liv and took her from Chris at the recoupling, it really put a spanner in the works. Chris was fuming and confronted Mike, and Muggy Mike was born (if you wanna know what muggy means, check out our Love Island lingo vid with Chris and his dad). Left without his girl, Chris got his true revenge by giving Mike a nickname that will haunt him forever.

Oh, Love Island series 4, we can’t WAIT to see what you have in store for us…