Prom season is officially upon us, and whilst there are plenty of tricky decisions still to be made (nude or red lipstick? Hair up or down? Arrive in a limo or via your dad’s old Honda?), we’ve compiled a list of all the best girly films to get you in the party mood. So you can focus on the really important stuff like, do you go to prom with a mate or hold off for that really fit lad to ask you? Decisions, decisions...

Mean Girls

Is Cady Heron breaking her prom queen crown into bits and throwing it into the crowd the most iconic prom scene in all of film history? Possibly. Is watching a film about spending time with your true best friends sure to make you have the best prom ever? Guaranteed.

Princess Diaries

If you’re last minute stressing about chipped nails, patchy fake tan and frizzy hair, let Mia’s Princess Diaries transformation serve as a reminder that a total makeover is just a blowdry away.

Wild child

Poppy Moore and her crew sashaying through the party entrance in their charity shop gear to the tune of ‘Let Me Think About It’ is possibly one of my favourite movie scenes ever. And if disaster strikes and prom goes wrong? Take a leaf out of Poppy’s book, let your hair down and body pop to Tambourine.


Hand jive competitions may not be such a popular trend at 2017 proms, but you can still take inspiration from Grease and coordinate a bangin’ dance routine with your girls before the big event.


Every prom-goer wishes they had Cher’s goals (although slightly outdated) revolving wardrobe. Even if the dodgy 90’s outfits aren’t for you, Cher and Dionne’s fabulous friendship will be sure to put you in the mood for an evening of boogying with your best girlfriends.