Islanders, we love you. And what do we love almost as much? All those saucy sweet nothings and absolute belters you say throughout the series. After a loooong wait, Series 4 is here again (psyched), so we think it’s time for a recap. We’ve picked out the most hilarious, outrageous and downright naughty statements that have filled our hearts with joy over the past three years…   

love island quotes with chris huges

Series 1

‘You make me feel like a rainbow.’

Have you ever loved someone so much that they made you feel like a rainbow? Jon and Hannah stole the hearts of the nation when we witnessed the most emotional three minutes of 2015 television. Or ever? Jon then went on to say that Hannah made him ‘feel like a unicorn’. Which must be a pretty great feeling.

‘You know it’s bad when I don’t think any birds are fit.’

After Luis said that he’s ‘downgraded so much to go out with these girls’ (whoa), Omar confirmed that the situation really was bad because even HE didn’t think any of the girls were fit. Unfortunately for them, Jess heard and told the others – it caused uproar.

Series 2

‘I did once pull a woman in her late fifties. I was in Bournemouth, and there was this hen party, and this woman wouldn't leave us alone. I said I'd take one for the team, got a massive cheer and took her home for the best two minutes of her life.’

In Series 2 we learned a lot about Nathan – he’s tiny but really quite profound. In fact, this inspiring story really stayed with us.

‘It's harder than you think to make a clay schlong.’

We believe you, Cara. When the villa gals had to make life-sized clay models of their partners’ penises, the task proved more difficult than you might think.

‘What’s your favourite meat?’ ‘You.’

Another example of Nathan’s wonderful way with words. When Nathan described Cara as his ‘favourite meat’, we THINK our hearts melted.

Series 3

‘Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.’

Mouths dropped and eyes raised when Camilla, the nation’s sweetheart, made this cheeky statement in the beach hut.

‘He’s just a tuna melt.’

Serial stirrer, Theo got his own revenge on Jonny by comparing him to this delicious cheesy toastie. And although a tuna melt may be a popular lunchtime snack, we’re not sure this was a compliment…

‘He’s 100% my type on paper.’

Turns out pretty much every lad on Love Island was Amber’s type – but only on paper. Kudos to Chris, who stepped up his banter game by saying that she must have ‘a lot of paper’.

‘Do you want me to rap a bit to lift the mood?’

When Georgia Harrison picked Kem Cetinay at the recoupling, all the Islanders were really sad. Chris kindly offered to cheer everyone up with the gift of song, but Olivia snapped back, ‘No, no one does.’ But we do Chris. We do.