1. Ghost pals

One that’ll work on all-sized dogs – and you can whip it up in minutes.

2. Burger bulldog

Good enough to eat? This little fella isn’t convinced.

3. Shaken not stirred

If your pup’s unlucky enough to be sporting a cone…

4. Getting wiggy with it

One of these chaps is happier than the other about his transformation.

5. Belly-dancing dog

She must really, really love her owner…

6. Office dog

Have you got those reports for me, Janet?

7. Count Dogula

If you have two pups, make one the vampire, one the victim.

8. Hotdog

No round-up would be compete without at least one.

9. Scare ’em, spider

Send one of these scuttling down a dark alley and wait for the screams.