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The benefits of manuka honey – Superdrug
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The benefits of manuka honey

When it comes to natural remedies, we’re all ears! And it’s safe to say that the benefits of New Zealand’s very own manuka honey have taken us by surprise…

To treat a sore throat

Struggling with a sore throat? Manuka honey’s healing properties will help to ease the pain and the length of time that it sticks around for. Take a spoonful with warm water as soon as you start to feel the burn.

Boost energy

Feeling a bit sluggish? A spoonful of pure manuka honey is so high in nutrients that it will give you a buzz when you need it most, making for a super-effective natural energy booster. 

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Improve your digestion

Beat the bloat and help your gut to be healthier. Taking a spoonful of manuka honey will help to reduce inflammation in your stomach, relieving abdominal discomfort and bloating. This is all thanks to the honey’s natural prebiotic, which is crucial for helping the production of good bacteria in your gut.

Get the glow

Not only can manuka honey relieve health problems, it can help with your beauty regime, too. Pure and organic manuka is great for helping with skin infections, rosacea and acne. It can also act as a natural moisturiser, helping skin stay hydrated.

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Achieve a gleaming smile

Although the sugar content in manuka honey is quite high (usually a no-go for anyone trying hard to look after their teeth), it can help to fight plaque and improve overall dental health. The honey’s high mineral content (it contains calcium, zinc and phosphorus) can help to fight tooth decay, too.

Heal burns and cuts

Applying a small amount of manuka honey to a cut or a burn will help speed up the process of healing, thanks to its antimicrobial effect.

Banish split ends

Applied to the hair, manuka honey attracts water from the air surrounding it and locks it in, meaning you can say goodbye to dryness. Apply a small amount to dry parts of your hair, leave it on for up to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You’ll see the magic for yourself once your mane is dry.

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