Move aside Kylie Jenner, there’s a new millennial girl boss killing the beauty game. DARE caught up with her…


Photography: Olivia Richardson

Lottie Tomlinson has taken the beauty world by storm. At just 19, she’s already a well-established makeup artist, beauty influencer, author of a beauty book and now founder of a cruelty-free vegan tanning brand. Aside from making us feel we need to get a move on, we wanted to find out how she does it.

We meet at The Curtain rooftop bar in London’s Shoreditch, where the launch party for Tanologist will later be buzzing with journalists, celebs and the hottest influencers in the industry. Petite and pretty with candyfloss-blonde hair, blue eyes and a unique sense of style, Lottie totally owns her look. Oh, and her tan is on point.

‘I’m wearing Tanologist Self-Tan Water now – it’s amazing,’ she says. So, what was the most important thing for her when creating the brand that everyone wants a slice of? ‘I wanted a product that didn’t break me out because that was my big problem with fake tan. It also had to have a clear formula and be free of chemicals. And it was essential to make it cruelty free and vegan. I managed to do all that.’

As a nation of fake-tan obsessives, we were super-excited to get our hands on the range of seven products, all with a formula that gives skin an Insta-worthy glow. Lottie says the best part is that you have complete control over the results.

‘If you leave the fake tan on for an hour, it’ll look natural and sunkissed. Leave it on for four and your tan will be more golden.’ And if Lottie’s glow is anything to go by, she’s set to be the Kylie Jenner of fake tan


Photography: Olivia Richardson

The younger sister of One Direction megastar Louis Tomlinson, Lottie got her big break when she assisted hairstylist and makeup artist Lou Teasdale for the boy band’s On The Road Again Tour in 2015. ‘I only ever wanted to do makeup,’ she explains. ‘When I was 12, I started going through my mum’s makeup bag and asking her to explain what everything did.’ Lottie tells us that over the nine months she was on tour, she learnt a lot from Lou, and Lou learnt from her. ‘She taught me the old-school way of how the industry works, and I taught her all about Instagram and YouTube tutorials.’

Lottie has used social media as a tool to build her career, and with 3.3 million Instagram followers, she has fast become an influencer in her own right. She regularly posts fire selfies and full-length shots to her grid, detailing the makeup and fashion brands she’s wearing, which allows her followers to get in on the action. They also show how Lottie has got a look that’s individual.

‘I’ve always gone for what I like rather than following the trend, but I guess I’ve got more confident as I’ve got older and like wearing things other people wouldn’t.’

Take a scroll through Lottie’s Insta-feed and we dare you to find a picture that doesn’t deserve a double tap and a lovestruck emoji. How does she do it?

‘It’s all about good lighting,’ she says. ‘A good camera also helps, and there are some great filter apps out there. You can have quite a basic picture but if you edit it well, it can look so much better. You also have to put the time in. You need to spend at least 10 minutes getting the shot.’ *Nods and makes mental note to stop sharing pictures of our cat.*

lottie 2

Photography: Olivia Richardson

Type #makeup into Instagram and you’ll be met with over 180 million posts making it a hub for all things beauty. Lottie uses it regularly to inspire her own work. ‘I love @hudabeauty,
@jamiegenevieve and @nikkietutorials. It’s like a community – you support other artists and they support you.’

However, with all the benefits social media can bring, there’s an undeniable dark side. Being constantly bombarded with a thread of perfect images can make us feel we’re not good enough, and we were interested to find out whether Lottie had ever felt the same.

‘Oh definitely. You start comparing yourself to other people. But you’ve got to try to be confident and remember everyone’s different – and that things on Instagram aren’t always real life.’

When we ask if she’d ever switch off from it all, she’s quick to respond. ‘I wouldn’t because it’s such a big part of my life. I’ve got a good group of followers who support me, so I like sharing it.’

She isn’t wrong. Within minutes of us uploading a picture of Lottie at the launch party, we have likes and comments from her fan accounts, as well as praise for her achievements and shows of support for the makeup artist mega babe. It’s clear she’s made an impact on young people around the world who look to her for outside-the-box fashion and beauty inspiration.

We ask Lottie to tell us the one thing she’d want to be remembered by. ‘Tanologist. I’m so proud of it.’ Need much more of a reason to give it a try?

The Tanologist range is available exclusively at Superdrug