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Beauty hacks to help you get through your long-haul flight – Superdrug
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Beauty hacks to help you get through your long-haul flight

As exciting as it may be to be jetting off to a faraway paradise, sometimes flying long-haul can really take its toll on our bodies (and defo our minds when we’ve run out of in-flight movies to watch and can’t seem to be able to doze off to sleep no matter what we try!).

And one of the most annoying things about travelling any distance on a plane? It can wreak absolute havoc on our skin. It’s safe to say that long flights can definitely leave our glowy, hydrated pre-flight complexions as something of the past.

But rest assured, we’ve got the low down on everything you can do to keep yourself looking in tip-top condition throughout your flight - meaning you wont look such a state by the time you get to baggage collection. And it goes a little something like this…

Take some pamper time

If, like us, you get easily bored when you fly – this is a great way to kill half an hour. First, use some gentle cleansing wipes to swipe off any trace of product from your face, followed by a skin-quenching sheet mask and hydrating eye masks to keep those ‘yes, I have just been stuck on a plane for 8 hours’ bags at bay. Then, apply a hydrating moisturiser and eye cream to perfectly seal the deal.

TOP TIP: Spritz your face with a hyaluronic mist as much as you like throughout the rest of your journey to keep skin’s moisture levels up. Honestly, it's a life saver. You can thank us later ;).

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Stear clear of heavy makeup

It’s best to avoid layering on makeup for when you board your flight, as it can contribute to air-con induced dryness and breakouts. Due to low humidity levels in the cabin, you’re bound to notice a change in your skin's moisture – meaning it’s best to opt for something lighter and more thirst-quenching for your skin, such as a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser. Still not enough coverage? A cream-based foundation will do.

Stay germ-free

With all of the germs flying around in the confined space of an aeroplane, you’ll want to make sure that as few of them are getting into your system as possible. The answer? Use antibacterial gel on your hands, and always make sure to wipe down any surfaces that you might be touching throughout your journey (such as tables, arm rests and windows) to prevent the spread.

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Use products with a built-in SPF

When you’re on a plane, you’re closer to the sun – which means you’re even more prone to UV damage than usual, especially as you’re in an atmosphere with higher altitude and thinner air. Using products that contain SPF will help to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and infrared radiation. Go for an SPF-infused primer and lip balm (in bullet form, so that you’re not spreading plane germs into a pot) to stay protected.

Keep flyaways at bay

When it comes to our hair, there’s just no guessing what effect the altitude and dry air will have on our hair. But what do the cabin crew do to tame those pesky flyaways? HAND CREAM. Yep, you heard us – they slick a pea-sized amount of hands cream through their ends for a tame mane. Don’t quite fancy it? Pack a mini hair oil in your hand luggage for on-board touchups.

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Do you have any in-flight beauty tips that you swear by? We'd love to hear from you!

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