Make way, refrigerated food items, there’s a new crew in town! It’s time to set aside shelf space for some of our most trusted possessions: and you may be surprised. There are some beauty products that are best kept in the fridge, for maximum effectiveness. Who’d have thought it, eh?

Nail varnish

We all know the feeling of disappointment when we open our nail varnish to find it thick and gloopy. Avoid this by keeping your fave shades in the fridge, where they’ll last much longer in prime condition.

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Eye cream

Creams taken straight from the fridge are really effective on under-eye bags as the coolness helps to reduce the flow of fluid into the soft tissue.

Face masks

Storing face masks in the fridge will reduce redness and puffiness, thanks to the cool temperatures constricting capillaries, and make for the ultimate in relaxation – trust us. It’s a no brainer!


To ensure a razor-sharp flick, put your eyeliner pencils in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before use. This will make the tip more precise.


Warm weather can cause lipsticks to lose their form, so pop them in the fridge for an hour or so before applying.

Sun cream

Store unopened or partially used bottles of sun cream in the fridge after your summer holiday. A warm climate reduces the effectiveness of the SPF, which means your skin will be more at risk from the sun the next time you slather on the cream.


Too much light and heat will cause the chemicals in your fragrance to break down and alter the smell. Help to avoid this by keeping your signature scent in your fridge.