Nobody’s perfect, so we’re bound to mess up our makeup sometimes, right? But if you keep making the same mistakes (I’m talking to you over there, Miss Blocky Brow!), then maybe it’s time for a tip or two. From muddy contour to raccoon eyeliner, we’ve sorted – and solved – some of the most common beauty blunders, with the help of profesh makeup artist Emily Clarkson. Notebooks at the ready!

1. Catastrophic contour

If you want to contour correctly, you need to choose the right colour – which means using a foundation that’s a shade darker than the one you have as your base (that way it won’t be too dark). Try B. Flawless Matte Foundation. Starting from the middle of your ear, blend it into the hollows of your cheeks, making sure you don’t take it too near your mouth. Then set this darker foundation with B. Matte Bronzer.

2. Brows gone bad?

Bushy brows are a huge trend, but it’s an easy one to fluff up, and you can end up looking a lil scary! For eyebrows that are eye-catching for the RIGHT reasons, begin applying the product – try Freedom Pro Eyebrow Pomade – on the arch of your brow. This will help stop you using too much product on the inner third of your brow and give a more natural result. #BrowBoss

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3. Eye-watering liner

If you’re using eyeliner to define the shape of your eye, plastering it on your waterline is NOT going to achieve the desired effect. Instead, use a soft eyeliner pencil – try B. Kohl Liner – and draw a line at the root of your top lashes on the outer half of your eye. Blend this out with a small brush to soften any harsh lines and give a gentle, smoky effect. Repeat this on the bottom lash line, focusing the liner at the lash roots rather than on the waterline.

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4. Matte lippy mishap

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ matte lip? But the gorge finish usually goes hand in hand with a drying formula. It’s important to prep your lips properly to avoid a parched-looking pout, so exfoliation is key. e.l.f Lip Scrub Exfoliatorin Sweet Cherry is gonna be your hero product for this.

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