When it comes to getting beauty inspo, we really are spoilt for choice - from magazines to websites, YouTube, and even just scrolling through our Instagram feeds - there's always something new and exciting for us to learn to better our beauty regimes.

But our first port of call to stay in the beauty loop? It's got to be some of our favourite beauty bloggers and YouTubers. From makeup artists to everyday girls blogging from their bedrooms, there's something that can be learnt from each and every one of them when it comes to getting in the know. So we thought we'd let you into our secret and round up our favourites so that you can get in on the action, too...



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If you're into beauty and you still don't know about the Pixiwoo sisters, you need to get in the know ASAP. Nicola and Sam Chapman are, quite frankly, absolute makeup LEGENDS - so we strongly recommend hitting up their channels for some serious tutorial action. You can thank us later.

I Covet Thee

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I Covet Thee's Alix is a 'self professed makeup and cosmetics obsessive' (her words, not ours), and boy does it show. With a YouTube channel boasting over 380k subscribers, and a blog that's brimming with info on the newest and most exciting beauty picks, it's definitely not one to miss.

Caroline Hirons

If there's anyone that we're going to take skincare advice from ON THIS EARTH, it has to be the facial queen herself, Caroline Hirons. For straight-forward advice on what you need to get your skin in tip-top condition, you need to get involved. (Oh, and her Instagram stories are hilarious).

Just Jodes

It's safe to say that Jodes is a total makeup queen, and when it comes to bagging some bargain beauty buys, she's always one of the first bloggers to get it on the 'gram. For all things beauty, health and style, make sure to check her channel out.

The Plastic Boy

The Plastic Boy, otherwise known as Gary Thompson, first caught our attention when we couldn't take our eyes off of his eyebrows that genuinely look like they've been carved by the gods. And tbh, we haven't looked back when it comes to makeup advice. We. Are. Obsessed.

Patricia Bright

Not only are we completely jel of her wardrobe (you just NEED to check out her Insta), we are seriously envious of Patricia's makeup collection, too (and her ability to apply it all like an absolute boss). For everything from face masks to eyeliner and just about everything in between, she's definitely your girl.

Who do you follow for beauty inspo and advice? We'd love to hear from you!