It’s an essential part of any makeup kit, but are you getting the best out of your beauty blending sponge? Here’s how to ensure flawlessness…

Make it wet

Soak your beauty blending sponge in water and squeeze out the excess before use. A damp sponge will ensure a smoother application of product and stops the sponge absorbing your pricey foundation – which NOBODY wants.

Bounce it

Don’t take the aggressive approach. Bounce – don’t drag – it across your skin, to allow the sponge simultaneously to blend and dispense the product.

Use the tip

While using the base of your beauty blending sponge might get the job done more quickly when applying foundation, the tip will let you blend a whole lot more precisely around your eyes and nose. When used with a blush or bronzer, it’ll also help you carve killer cheekbones.

Use it with powders

A beauty blending sponge can work just as well with powders as liquids, but it has to be dry to avoid caking.

Be gentle

A little tenderness goes a long way with a beauty blending sponge. If you’ve noticed any cracks, you may be handling it too roughly while cleaning it.

Store it properly

Don’t just chuck your wet sponge back into your makeup bag after use. An antibacterial soap and an open-air environment are needed to keep hygiene and preservation on your side.

Let it go

There’s no sense in keeping a beauty blending sponge that gives you spots, is there? Replace yours every three months to ensure it keeps being the best beauty blending sponge it can be.