We’re all for things that remind us of our childhood, so when we first heard about the live-action retelling of Beauty And The Beast, we were over the moon. Not only has Disney always been an integral part of our lives, Belle has long been a heroine of the princess world and someone we’ve all pretended to be at least once upon a time.

And just when we thought the news couldn’t get any better, we heard that Belle would be played by none other than our serious girl crush and all-round babe, Emma Watson. Other famous faces starring in the much-anticipated film release include Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts).

At the centre of this dark yet beautiful fairy tale is Belle, a bright, beautiful young woman who gets lost one night and stumbles across a castle that belongs to a beast (Dan Stevens), who takes her prisoner. Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and eventually learns to look beyond the beast’s exterior – who is, in fact, a prince trapped in a wicked spell – and recognises him for his kind heart and soul.

In recent years, many of the Disney remakes have veered away from the original storyline we know and love. What makes us so excited about Beauty And The Beast is that director Bill Condon hasn’t tried to update or alter the classic tale but instead stays close to the original while making it even more beautiful, romantic and extravagant. We can’t wait to see the film tomorrow – we’ll be the ones in the cinema trying really hard not to sing Be Our Guest at the top of our lungs…