With Mother’s Day on its way, us girls on the DARE desk have been waxing lyrical about what presents we’re buying and how we’re gonna spoil the number-one woman in our life. It didn’t take long for the ol’ nostalgia to kick in, and we started chatting about all the little tips they’ve given us over the years. Obvs there were some golden nuggets of beauty wisdom in the mix, so we’re passing on the knowledge. Welcome to Momma’s Beauty School!

Project Manager Lucy


Shaving was the bane of my life. My hairs always seemed to grow back the second I got out of the shower, and my legs would feel like cacti within days – until my mum made me switch out my razor for waxing strips. She told me that waxing kept you smoother and softer for longer and removes the hair from the root, so the little pests don’t grow back as prickly. She was right!

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Chief Sub Editor Lorry


I adored my mother, Eve. She taught me that lipstick should be red, and she applied it in a weird way. She started with one coat straight from the bullet, then screwed the bullet back down into its case and carefully scraped the rim of the case over her lips to leave just a stain. After blotting it with a tissue, she added a second coat. It worked – her lipstick lasted for hours without touch-ups. I used to do the same until I discovered long-lasting lipsticks, but if you’re at a loose end, my mum’s method works every time.

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Content Editor Bethan


If you’ve been going through life only moisturising your face, my mum would have something to say! She taught me that whatever I put on my face, I should use on my neck as well – foundation, cleanser, moisturiser… the lot. So don’t neglect your neck!

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Junior Digital Writer Chloe


My mum goes gaga for old Hollywood movies and she loves (like, REALLY loves) the actresses who starred in them. After years of admiring Marilyn Monroe’s dreamy doe eyes, she made sure I knew to highlight the inner corners of my eyes with a lil something sparkly. It’s a tiny step that makes your eyes appear brighter and bolder instantly, so I swear by it.

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Contributor Natalie


My momma taught me not to shave above the knee as the hairs naturally drop out as you get older (they have, and I’m glad I don’t have to tackle stubbly thighs). Don’t dye your hair until the greys come (didn’t listen and am now growing out half a head of highlights that have left me with a shedload of damage. Oops). And always take your makeup off before you go to bed (I do this 90% of the time, unless one too many has been consumed. I’m only human)!

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Art Editor Hannah


My mum always told me to pluck brows cautiously… after all, you can always pluck more, but once they’ve gone you can’t get them back in a hurry. This advice has saved me from many a brow blunder – and we’ve all seen those pics of celebs with no brows, so don’t take them for granted. If you do over-tweeze, though, a little brow pomade is a lifesaver.

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