Sleek beards are often the go-to look in male grooming, but there are a lot of common misconceptions about facial hair. So here are the five most commonly heard beard myths busted.

Myth #1: If you shave your beard frequently, it will grow back thicker.

Truth: There’s no evidence to show that when you shave your beard, it grows back thicker. The hair is blunted on the surface and simply looks thicker when it grows back.

Myth #2: If you haven’t managed to grow a full beard in two or three weeks, it’s never going to happen.

Truth: It could take a few months before you start seeing the results you want. Every beard is different, and you have to be patient and try a little tenderness!

Myth #3: Bearded men are a minority.

Truth: In a recent survey conducted by Braun, 52% of British men have some sort of facial hair.

Myth #4: Beards are always itchy.

Truth: It’s not the hair that’s making you itch. Itching is caused by excessively dry skin, which can be prevented by using a beard oil to moisturise the hair and skin.

Myth #5: Only a professional can be trusted to trim a beard.

Truth: You may feel daunted by the thought of trimming your own beard, but it’s easy to do it yourself. The key is to take it really slowly and only trim half an inch at a time.