A long hot summer’s day means chillaxing on the beach before hitting the bar with your besties. The dilemma? There’s no time to wash, tame and style your briny barnet before ordering your fave bevvy. Ocean waves make your hair frizzy, sticky and kinky (and not in a good way). Here’s how to make your salty, sunkissed hair work for you…

girls dancing at the Beach bar

You will need…

  • Intensive leave-in conditioner
  • Bottle of fresh water
  • Hydrating hair oil
  • Texturising spray
  • Hairband
  • Hair grips

Step 1: Prepare your hair

You can start styling your mermaid-like mane before you go into the water. Here’s a secret – the main culprit for sticky hair is salt, which makes hair a mare to brush and strips away the colour. So before you go into the sea, massage Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner into your hair, so that it absorbs the conditioner instead of the salty, sandy stuff.

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Step 2: Rinse and repeat

Ready for the bar? It’s time for a DIY shower. Rinse out the conditioner from your hair with your bottle of fresh water. Now use your fingers to brush through your hair, which will minimise breakage and create the tousled beach waves that peeps flock to the salon for.

Need a lil extra rehydration? Rub Argan Oil into the ends using your fingers, then spritz texturising spray all over your hair for some extra va-va-voom.

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Step 3: Put hair in a bun

The secret to a sexy updo? Big hair. A messy bun with loose strands and lots of texture is a night-out look that’s almost as iconic as an LBD – and almost impossible to achieve with freshly washed hair. 

It’s sooo easy to do. Use your fingers to pull your hair back into a high pony and secure with a hairband. Wrap your pony around itself into a doughnut shape, then pin it into place with hair grips. Pull out stray hairs at random.  

Get our cocktail order in, gang – we’ll see you at the bar…