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Just landed: Barry M glitter glue – Superdrug
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Just landed: Barry M glitter glue

By now, it’s pretty obvious how much we luvva bitta glitter. OK, a lot of glitter. Enough glitter to fill a bath and completely immerse ourselves in. So with that obsession in mind, it’s easy to understand how much it pains us when the sparkly stuff doesn’t stay where we want it to...

Barry M Barry M Glitter Glue and Primer Tube 10ml £4.99 Buy Now

Enter the new Barry M Glitter Fixer Gel, the answer to all our prayers and what we’re pretty sure will be a staple in both our festival kit and everyday makeup bag (because you never know when you’ll need a face fulla glitter). Simply apply the gel to your skin and pop your sparkles on top for instant glitz and glam that stay put.

So obviously now you’re thinkin’, you have your glue, so you’re gonna need a kick-ass glitter to show off, right? Well, that’s where the two new and exclusive Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitters come in… and trust us when we say they’re the perfect pairing.

The maestro behind Little Mix’s magical makeup looks, Adam Burrell, told us just one of the ways he’ll be using this new dream combo…

‘The new Barry M Glitter Fixer Gel will help turn up the lip voltage instantly when paired with our new Glitter Rush Body Glitters. Start by lining your lips with a translucent lip liner, then generously apply the Glitter Fixer Gel and lightly coat in your glitter of choice. Tidy the edges and allow to dry. Voila – instant glitter lips!’

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