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The ‘baking’ makeup trend explained – Superdrug
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The ‘baking’ makeup trend explained

We’ve only just got our head round strobing and contouring and tbh we still mess those up on a bad day… and now there’s ANOTHER skin trend for us to get to grips with. Get ready to bake (nothing to do with Mary Berry or soggy bottoms).

Baking has been popular in the drag community for years (and if anyone knows makeup, they do) and is a process that involves letting a thick layer of translucent powder sit on your face after you’ve applied your base. The heat from your face then literally ‘cooks’ or ‘bakes’ your foundation and concealer until you sweep off the powder ten to fifteen minutes later to reveal a super flawless finish.

It’s the trick behind so many of the flawless faces you see on Instagram and is how red carpet makeup stays perfect all night. Still not sure? Here’s our baking FAQ...


Q: It works on insta but what’s it like in real life?

Instagram baking is all about how it looks for that one photo from that one angle. Real life needs to be lighter, so start off with a medium layer of powder before working out the right amount to suit you. Do the process only once – drag queens may bake on bake on bake, but you’re not trying to impress RuPaul.

Q: Is there anyone who shouldn’t do it?

If your skin is very dry, baking may dry it out even more, so super-hydrate it first with moisturiser and eye cream. Baking can also be a little ageing, so if this is a concern, go for a very light version.

Q: I’m worried about the finished effect looking dull, what can I do?

If the finished effect looks a little flat and dull lift it up a notch by using a cream highlighter high on your cheekbones.

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