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Superdrug’s sexpert shares her tips to a successful date – Superdrug
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Superdrug’s sexpert shares her tips to a successful date

Sexpert Alix Fox gives her top tips on how to swipe your way to a successful date and beyond…

Alix fox

The search begins

Consider how much work you want to put into looking for love. Some online dating sites, like OKCupid, ask you a series of questions, then use your answers to work out how well matched you’re likely to be with other users. This can save you hours of trawling through the profiles of folk who may not be your cup of tea.

How to choose your profile pics. While photos showing you having a laugh with friends may seem a good idea – as they suggest you’re sociable – a potential match may struggle to work out which one you are. Make sure you show snaps of yourself on your own as well.

Try to limit the time you spend swiping on apps each day. If you spend too much time, you risk zoning out mindlessly swiping people – and when you swipe on autopilot, you can accidentally dismiss someone who actually deserves to be given a chance.

Heavily into music? Give the app Tastebuds a whirl. It pairs up people according to the bands they like, so maybe you’ll find someone who truly rocks your world…

Playing it safe

Don’t forget to charge your phone fully before you go out so you don’t have problems calling a cab and getting home safely if you need to.

Don’t drink too heavily. If your date buys you a bottle of wine to seem generous, don’t feel obliged to finish it with them.

Always meet up with your date in a public place. Never agree to be picked up from your house or to meet them at their house or a hotel room. Tell a friend where you’re going and who you are meeting, too.

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