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Are you ready for these jellies? – Superdrug
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Are you ready for these jellies?

If your skin’s crying out for you to cull the cloying creams or you want something a little lighter now the weather’s warmed up, might we suggest jelly? No, not just the side serving to the ice cream at your kid cousin’s birthday bash, this little wobbly wonder has made its way into the world of makeup and skincare to give both a little, well, bounce. We’re talking highlighters with air-like textures, moisturisers that won’t weigh skin down, and face washes that de-gunk without dehydrating. Ready to get the right kind of jiggle? Then try these out.

jelly based beauty products

The 3-in-wonder

There are times that call for a one-pot wonder (think stealthily leaving prods in your new bae’s bathroom or packing for a hand-luggage-only holiday with the girls), and for those times, we turn to this stuff. It’s super-hydrating, making it perfect for the morning after the night before, thanks to the formulation that includes aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Use it as a day cream, night cream, hell, even a mask, by slathering on a thick layer and letting it sink in before wiping away any excess with a cotton pad. Easy-peasy, great skin squeezy.

The spot zapper

If you’re sick of spots, you probs think the right move is reaching for an oil-zapping face wash, right? Nuh-uh, honey. This can send oil-prone skin into a right old strop. Instead, we’re all about softly-softly cleansers like this gentle jelly wash, which is pretty much the King Kong of blemish busting. Because of its gel-like texture, a little does a lot – we’re talking reducing oil, pepping up skin and removing an entire day’s worth of dirt, all without leaving skin feeling tighter than your cheap mate who never buys a round.

The highlighter

Don’t have the beauty game of a makeup artist? You won’t need their skills if you’re smart enough to pick the right kinda textures. With a cushiony, velvet-soft texture, MUA Prism Jelly Highlight blends perfectly with skin for that lit-from-within radiance. We also like it on lids, too, for a shimmery wash of shadow to give eyes a little something.

The lip lover

Balms, liquid lipsticks, lacquers… we’ve tried them all. But never has a jelly gem quite like this one crossed our paths, until now. The Revlon twist-up pen might look like a balm but, in fact, it’s a lightweight gel colour packed with pigment that leaves lips looking super-glossy without causing any chapping or flaking. Into it.

The pro polish

If we’ve sacrificed crucial Love Island viewing time painting and letting our nails dry, the one thing we want in return is a few days guaranteed chip-free. Highly pigmented, this polish gives a mirror-like, salon-standard finish that stays put, even if you give it a few knocks. We give it extra points for staying glossy for weeks on toes, too.  

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