Big news: Ardell has teamed up with beauty influencer and MUA Danny Defreitas to create fabulous false lashes to join the Ardell Wispies family. This is the first-EVER false-lash collab with a guy to hit the high street. Seriously excited but not sure when to flaunt your falsies? Here are three perfect occasions…


Date night with your flame

If you love to flutter your lashes across the dinner table, these might just be the new love of your life. The super-soft, fine fibres get longer in the centre, helping to make your eyes look more open. So next time you’re making eyes at your significant other over a candlelit Nando’s, you’ll know your lashes will have maximum flirt appeal.

Clubbing with the huns

You might be a total expert at fakin’ your flutter, but sometimes it seems you’ve tried it all. You’re always looking for a new false lash to impress your mates, and this one really takes the cake. Every set of Ardell lashes comes with lash adhesive, so they will def stay put while you’re dancing your socks off.

Brunch with the fam

Feeling a lil’ worse for wear on your family Saturday brunch date? These bad boys are so fluffy and natural that you can totally get away with wearing them in the daytime. You might not feel fresh, but at least you’ll look it!

Liking the sound of the new ArdellxDanny Wispies? They’re exclusive to Superdrug – and they ain’t gonna be around for long, so you better snap ’em up while you can.