TV presenter. Girl boss. Ambassador of an award-winning beauty brand. Is there anything Rochelle Humes can’t do?

By Mollie Hammond


Rochelle Humes is making waves. Quite literally. When we meet, it’s her caramel curls that immediately have our attention, and we make a mental note to dig out the tongs as soon as we’re home. And complete hair envy aside, that flawless skin’s also got us girl crushin’. So how does she keep her complexion tip top? ‘For me the key is moisture before anything else,’ the drop-dead-gorgeous TV presenter tells us. Yep, she really is prettier in real life. ‘I always like to make sure my skin and my body are fully hydrated.’ Noted.

And in between babe’in about on Insta, being a proud mother of two and nailing the world of TV presenting, you’ll find Rochelle working on her award-winning beauty brand, HiGlow. We’re all well aware of the celebs who put their name to something without having a clue what’s going on, but you can tell Rochelle is nothing but passionate about HiGlow, which she describes to us as her ‘baby’.

The brand won Best Ethnic Brand and Best Ethnic Product at the Pure Beauty Awards 2017 – an impressive feat for a brand that’s not yet reached its first birthday. Rochelle wanted the range to be fully inclusive, so HiGlow is designed to suit every skin tone, a direction other beauty brands finally seem to be taking.

When we talk about how the beauty world is diversifying, she tells us, ‘It’s amazing to see that a lot of the big beauty brands are now extending their foundation ranges to suit so many more skin tones. Those with darker tones have always had such a small choice, so it’s nice to see that finally being rectified.’And she’s super-chuffed to be doing her part with her collection.

So how was it for her growing up? ‘When I was younger, I found it hard to shop on the high street, like my friends did. My mum had to take me to a big department store in London, where they had a bit more choice, but it was still difficult to find products that were suitable and affordable. There was never an easy go-to option for me as most high-street shades were always too dark or too light.’


If you’ve never used HiGlow products before, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon. And fast. The range gives the skin an instant radiance and glow, and they’re super-easy to use. Rochelle says the beauty of the range is to help achieve and enhance a sunkissed look, making it great to take on your hols when you want to wear minimal makeup. Asked to pick her favourite product from the range, she instantly replies, ‘It’s got to be the Radiance & Glow Body Cream. It’s become a bit of a cult product. I take it everywhere with me.’

Another massive turning point for Rochelle has been her decision to
dump the heat and embrace the hair she was born with. Why? ‘It’s been a recurring theme with my little girl coming to me saying she didn’t like her curly hair because no one has curly hair in her class, and princesses have long, straight, blonde hair.

‘I told her my natural hair was just like hers, and I asked her if she’d like me to wear it curly. She was like, “Yes, I want us to be matching!” And that was that. Now I’m curly all the time.’ And she really is. Whether she’s bossing the red carpet or posting selfies on her grid, the sleek, smooth style we were so familiar with has been replaced with an amazing head of curls.

Rochelle announced her decision in an Instagram post last December, which now has over 70k likes and, most importantly, has people talking. One of her followers wrote, 
‘It’s great to break restrictive ideals around beauty and throw that net wide open, particularly for little girls, so they learn to 
love themselves more,’ proving Rochelle has touched on a particularly hot topic.

Her #curlslikeus hashtag – which she created to help spread the word – now has nearly 1,750 posts, many from people with curly hair who have been so inspired by Rochelle that they’ve decided to follow the same journey. When we ask her what she thinks of the response she’s had, she says, ‘It’s been so lovely seeing everyone get behind it as much as they have.’ 

Inevitably the person who has given the best response to her hair transformation is the reason she started this journey: her four-year-old daughter, Alaia-Mai. ‘She’s just been so excited. I seriously don’t think I can ever wear my hair straight again. I think she’d give me such grief. She’s at the age where it’s all about me and her. Poor Marvin (Rochelle’s hubby) used to be flavour of the month, and now she’s like, “I want to do this because me and Mummy are doing it together! Me and Mummy are having a girls’ night!” So the fact we’ve got matching hair is everything to her.’ She explains her curls aren’t quite like they used to be because of all the heat she’s used on her hair over the years, but she’s now nourishing them back to their former glory (with the help of castor oil mixed with coconut oil, FYI).

So what’s in the pipeline for this ultimate girl boss? Rochelle told us she really wants to help educate her customers on the HiGlow range with a mix of her own how-tos and tips, along with beauty advice from her fave makeup artists. She’s also announced to her followers that she’ll be releasing a children’s hair and skincare range in the summer, made with ‘the best, clean and kindest products’, as well as a children’s book she would have loved to read as a little girl. Her main aim is to show young children how to embrace who they are and understand that our differences are what make us beautiful. I mean, just when we thought we couldn’t love this woman any more than we already do… WATCH. THIS. SPACE.