Natural products help me stay help me stay healthy

I use manuka honey and ginger to keep me fighting fit and well. I also drink a lot of water – it’s important to stay hydrated, especially when my schedule is busy.

My best health tips are… 

Drink lots of water, avoid eating anything late at night, and get plenty of rest. 

I mix up my exercise

I love to work out, whether it’s a walk with my dogs or a session at the gym. It’s about balance and working hard to be the best I can be 

In my gym bag I always have…

Lip balm, to hydrate my lips especially in the cold weather. Deodorant, which I spray before and after I work out, to keep me feeling fresh and smelling good. Cleansing wipes for my face after I finish working out. Hand cream, to keep hands and nails hydrated.

I don’t deny myself

Sunday is my treat day. I love a big Sunday roast with a glass of red wine – the whole works!

Body confidence isn’t about size

It’s all about looking and feeling strong. I don’t want to be a size six, but being strong and treating my body well is important to me for both personal and professional reasons. 

Cutting down on sugar is important to me

With a family history of diabetes, I’m always mindful of staying well. I’m particularly conscious of my sugar intake.

My daily beauty routine is…

Natural is always best. I don’t like wearing makeup during the day as I have to wear it for my shows at night, so I like to give my skin a chance to breathe. I would always say apply a lip gloss and a tiny bit of mascara to achieve that natural look.