The daily rise and grind of fitness blogger @TheFashionFitnessFoodie


Looking for unfiltered, authentic advice about your health and fitness? Enter Lucy Mountain, who uses her humour, wit and creativity to demonstrate the influx of online nonsense we’re fed daily. Committed to breaking the courgette-spiralising, celery-juice-drinking, kale-consuming mould, she released Nobs Cookbook to show us healthy food doesn’t need to be restrictive or complicated. A girl after our own heart…

I’m an annoying morning person… I can’t stay in bed past 8am unless I’m hung over. If it’s a training day, I’ll head straight to the gym at around 7am. I’ll then grab some porridge from Pret if I’m on the go or make a protein pancake if I’m working from home.

My work schedule is pretty erratic… I don’t really have a start or end time because social media is open 24/7. But for my own sanity (and social life), I’m working on being a little stricter with my timings, aiming to crack on with work from about 9am till 7pm.

If I’m super-organised… I’ll have prepped something from my Nobs Cookbook for lunch. My dishes are usually the result of chucking things into a pan with a nice sauce. I aim to keep them high in protein, with lots of veggies and a good helping of carbohydrates (because they’re our friends).

Post lunch is when I’ll start doing tasks that are more creative…This might be prepping some Instagram content or filming bits for a brand.

As glamorous as Instagram life might seem, I’m a homebird… So if I’m not running a Q&A with my Facebook group (Team Nobs), I’ll be relaxing at home bingeing on something on Netflix.

My current dinner of choice is a toss-up between… my homemade sweet and sour chicken and my mushroom risotto recipe for lazy cooks (like me).

I love being in my own company…so to relax, I usually put my phone away and take myself out for lunch.
I think it’s really important to enjoy being with yourself.


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