These retro ’dos are having a moment, so which one will you choose?

Chokers, slip dresses, plaid shirts… the list of 90s fashion items on our high street this season is endless, and now it’s creeping into our ’dos, too. They’re easy to create and easy to wear, so there’s no excuse not to try one.

Space buns

A little bit Minnie Mouse and the perfect solution for when you’ve skipped the shampoo, the double space buns sit high on your head and were made for days (and nights) when you don’t want your hair to get in the way. Update them even more by teaming them with the glitter roots trend: simply add a little gel to the roots of your hair, then sprinkle on some sparkle and you’re good to go!

Colour streaks

Clip-in extensions reigned supreme in the 90s. Christina Aguilera pioneered the bold streak, choosing blue, red and purple flashes of colour through her peroxide hair. Fast-forward to now, and bright streaks have taken on a subtler hue, woven through hair to create a more natural feel or concealed under lengths only to be seen when desired.

Hair twists

The most 90s of all the styles, especially when teamed with mini-butterfly clips or hair jewels, and overly ironed spiky ends, the twist was a look we never thought we’d see again. Thankfully today’s reworking is a lot softer and chicer: think larger, gentler twists fastened without a hint of diamanté…