We’ve always been obsessed with cult-classic beauty products. And now that we’re all going crazy over the massive ‘90s trends (HELLO brown pouts, chokers and scrunchies) once again, we couldn’t help but feel all sentimental when we got our hands on some of ALL TIME FAVE beauty must-haves from the decade that brought us ultimate girl power. Get ready for a serious hit of nostalgia.

Herbal Essences

“Mmmm, your hair smells AMAZING” is a compliment we’ve heard pretty much every single time we’ve ever used this absolute shower staple. We were in love with it then, and we're in love with it now.

Herbal Essences Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Shampoo Argan Oil of Morocco 400ml £5.99 Buy Now

Clear lip gloss

Glossy lips were a THING, and they’re making a massive comeback this year. Bourjois still takes center stage when it comes to glossing up our pouts, and their 3D gloss has always been our go-to.  

CK One

Remember this iconic scent? You’ll be pleased to hear it’s still very much a fave. While most fragrances have their moments, this one will always be our go-to when we want to remember our Spice Girls days.

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml £22.50 Buy Now

Rimmel Hide The Blemish

Concealer was always important for a flawless finish, even before we started slathering it all over our lips in the noughties. Our go-to back then (and now)? Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer – not too cakey, not too sheer – it’s perfection in a stick.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This may not have been easy to get our hands on in England back in the ‘90s, but we think it’s about time we admitted that this was the one product that we HAD to put an order in for every time our bestie flew stateside. Now it’s available in the UK, we’re spoilt for choice – in fact, we might even love it more now than we did then!

Maybelline Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara Very Black 12.5ml £5.99 Buy Now

Barry M Dazzle Dust

Glitter’s very much still a massive part of our lives (of course), but nothing quite beats the way we used to coat our lids in dazzle dust before teaming the look with a crop top and choker. We’re still obsessed.

Barry M Barry M Dazzle Dust Bronze £4.59 Buy Now

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Remember that foundation that everyone swore by for a full-coverage finish? It’s still around, and although we won’t quite be caking it on like we used to, it’s still pretty fail-safe whenever we want a soft, airbrushed face IRL.

Maybelline Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation 10 Ivory 10ml £7.99 Buy Now

Hair gel

You weren’t a ‘90s kid unless you had a full head of hair gel at one point. Washing it out was a nightmare and although the soaking-wet look how we knew it then wouldn’t be so cool now, we’re still into gel when it comes to fixing our ‘dos in place.

VO5 Vo5 Mega Hold Styling Gel 200ml £3.29 Buy Now

Body spray

Think Impulse. Think So…?. Think Charlie. They’re stillllll around, and the second you get a sniff of the scent you’ll be thrown right back into your hot pink inflatable armchair.

Charlie Charlie Red Body Spray 75ml £0.83 Buy Now

Which beauty products did you swear by in the ‘90s? We’d love to hear from you!