The world has officially gone Pokémon crazy again, thanks to the newest game, Pokémon Go. But not everybody is taking it as seriously as they should (catching ’em all is important, you guys), so here are the funniest pictures that people have taken while they’ve been out hunting…

It’s always fun when a Ponyta appears to burn your hat, right?

Don’t Pokémon Go and drive… you never know when a Pidgey might turn up

Pakollinen #pokemongo päivitys ja #volvo mainos

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Willing to share your hash browns with Venonat? Nah, we didn’t think so

If there’s no rest for the wicked, there’s definitely no rest for Pokémon hunters!

Sick. In bed. Still gotta try and catch em all.#pokemongo #sickday #nofilter

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That thing when Magikarp takes a bath in your sink

#Magikarp taking a birdbath while I get ready for the day. ☺️💦 _______________ #pokemongo #TeamInstinct #pokemongonyc

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Growlithe wants to go on holiday, too!

Growlithe #PokemonGO

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Er… is the oven really the best place to hide in, Eevee?

EVEE GOT OUT OF THERE #pokemongo #teammystic

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When Rattata comes face to face with your real-life pet

This fukkn guy here tho! #converted #pokemon #pokemongo #rattata #yorkieproblems #yorkielove #meeemers

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