As if we needed more reasons to love Queen! Happy (official) 90th Birthday, Ma’am, being celebrated tomorrow...

When she has the same look of concentration on her face as we do when we’re driving a car

This picture is one of our favourite ever Queenie moments. Related fact: the Queen is the only person in Britain who can drive without a licence. Who knew?!

When she sent her first tweet

During a visit to the Science Museum in 2014, not only did she dress in Twitter’s brand colours, but she also sent her first tweet. A momentous occasion, we’re sure you’ll agree.

When she was happier than her husband to be watching a hockey match at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Her face sums up her feelings more than any words ever could, right?

When she was less than impressed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show last month

Again, her face says it all.

When she didn’t need to be in on the joke

Have you ever seen anybody look less impressed than Liz does here at the Investec Derby Festival in 2013? She really doesn’t care for the LOLs that are going on behind her.

When she copied Prince George’s royal wave during last year’s Trooping The Colour

… or maybe Prince George copied her! Either way, they’re both nailing it.

When she pretty much eye-rolled at Prince Charles taking a nap at the 2013 Braemar Highland Games

That’s a look only your mother can give you, even if she does happen to be the Queen. Sorry, Charles.

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