Because breaking a nail is the end of the world, and, as all beauty obsessives know, those accidental #SuperdrugHauls happen to the best of us…

1. Having at least 15 different nude lipsticks is normal

And, no, they’re not ‘basically all the same colour’.

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2. Storage is EVERYTHING

You’ve definitely dedicated more space to your make-up collection than you have for your clothes.

3. You can name the shade of most lipsticks on sight

It’s a special skill that not everybody’s blessed with.

4. Breaking a nail is one of the worst things that could ever happen to you

That’s why you always carry at least three different nail files in your bag.

5. It’s not unusual to drop loads of cash whenever you visit Superdrug

Sure, you only popped in for a deodorant, but you needed those new eyeshadows and blushers, and one of your mascaras is nearly finished. Plus, everyone loves a #SuperdrugHaul, right?

6. You’d never leave home without your make-up bag

Not that it ever leaves your handbag because you have at least a duplicate of everything you wear on a daily basis. Just so you’re never caught out!

7. You’re always the first to know about new trends

Strobing, sun striping, bubble eyeliner, rainbow lashes… you’ve tried them all already.

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