Long commute? We promise these will provide you with some Monday LOLs. We feel you when you get caught listening to ABBA…

1. You’ll end up knowing more about the station staff than you do about your BFF

FYI, Simon at Oxford Station takes two sugars in his flat white.

2. You get annoyed when someone sneezes

Or breathes, for that matter. But, seriously, when Sandra whacks out her nail file, you just want to cry. HA!

3. It’s never too early to drink caffeine

Even when you leave the house at 5am – and, yup, that includes caffeine of the fizzy variety.  

4. You adapt to sleeping anywhere

Chair… toilet… floor… we’ll take it! This skill comes in handy after a late night. Believe us.

6. When you put your headphones on and instantly turn into Beyoncé

And then you remember you're on public transport. Oops.

5. You can apply a full face of make-up while being thrown around a train carriage

When it comes to mascara, that’s no mean feat, guys!

7. When your work pals moan about the local bus being delayed

And you’re like...

Say no more.