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6 products that’ll amp up your DIY blow-dry – Superdrug
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6 products that’ll amp up your DIY blow-dry

Raise your hand if you’re after that sleek, salon-quality blow-dry without the regular hair appointments and the painful price tag. Everyone? Right! Buckle up and get ready to learn about six products that are gonna help you slay your DIY blow-dry and make you look like you stepped straight outta the styling chair. You’ll be hair flicking your way to fabulous in no time.

girl showing off blow dried hair

Blow-dry cream

These are cropping up all over the high street. Our fave is the L’Oreal Stylista Blowdry Cream – it protects hair from heat up to 230 degrees Celsius. And it will add control to your locks for up to 72 hours. Hello long-lasting, shiny blow-out! For tip-top results, rake through damp hair then blow-dry with a round brush to add shape and style. Click here. for more info on the perfect blow-out technique.


Stylista L'Oreal Stylista The Blowdry Hair Styling Cream 200ml £5.99 Buy Now

The right brush

One thing that’s vital for any decent blow-dry (but easy to overlook) is your choice of brush. For luscious, bouncy curls grab yourself a decent-sized round brush. Anything that has 100% boar bristles, such as the Denman Pro-Tip Boar Bristle Round Brush, is a massive yes from us! The bristles help carry sebum from your scalp down through the hair shaft, conditioning the lengths and ends. Making the most of natural hair oils means you won’t have to add as much product which means more time between washes. What’s not to like? To make the most of this wonder brush, make sure you flash dry your hair first – using this on wet hair will result in breakage. Work it from root to tip, for a simple pull-and-roll technique and a sleek and healthy looking finish.

Serum boost

If you find your locks are still lacking a lil summin’ summin’, reach for a splodge of serum. You’ll want to use this sparingly so your hair isn’t weighed down with tonnes of product. Try something like the Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Dry Oil which has a lightweight formula that instantly absorbs into the hair.

Pantene Pantene Repair & Protect Hair Oil With Vitamın E 100ml £3.46 Buy Now

Set it in place

Once you’re looking like a blow-dried beauty, get your hands on some hairspray and set that do in place! We recommend the Style Freedom Workable Hairspray which will give your style long-lasting support and shine. With this, you can brush out and re-work your hair while keeping the original movement intact.

Repair any damage

Working on nourished, healthy hair will always make the end result miles better. Make sure your hair washing duo is sulphate free, salon quality and packed full of reparative vitamins and oils. Trevor Sorbie Tame & Define Shampoo and Conditioner has got this all going on and more.

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