The low down on exactly how you should be storing all your fave beauty products...

Brushes should be kept vertical   

Hands up if you force all your brushes into a tiny makeup bag – come on, we’ve all done it. To maintain the shape of the brushes and avoid bent bristles, store your makeup brushes vertically. If you don’t have a fancy brush holder, use a jam jar, toothbrush holder or a tumbler. Makeup brushes are too pretty to be squeezed into small, dark spaces – set them free!

Keep primers and moisturisers out of the bathroom

Aren’t we all bathroom-storage sinners? Turns out, if you keep your moisturisers, primers and face creams in damp places for a long time, they’re at risk of growing mould and bacteria. Sorry to break the news that you’re not going to be able to use that body lotion Auntie Janette gifted you in Christmas 2003. BRB while we throw out the contents of our entire bathroom shelf.

Powdered products belong in the dark

Blushers, eyeshadows and foundations may all lose their colour if they’re kept in bright areas, especially in sunlight. UV light can damage the pigment, leaving them more smush than blush. Store them in a dark place, like a drawer or cupboard.

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Use the fridge for your lipsticks, mascaras and foundations

We store food in the fridge to prevent it going bad, so how come our ketchup gets better treatment than our lipstick? Especially when it can cost an arm and a leg. Refrigerating your makeup can help prevent it melting and breaking down.

Keep your nail polish cool

While it’s good to store your makeup in the fridge, this won’t work for nail polish as it will cause it to thicken. Ugh, the heartbreak when you open your favourite nail polish to find it all gloopy. The colours will separate eventually, so increase the life expectancy of your nail polish by storing it away from anything hot.