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5 reasons we love J-Law – Superdrug
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5 reasons we love J-Law

Not only is she a super-cool actress with enviable hair, she’s hilariously honest, too. So here are the moments J-Law made us fall in love with her even more, from the best red-carpet looks to laugh-out-loud quotes…

Head over heels

The blonde bombshell proves she’s only human with another red-carpet stumble at the X-Men: Apocalypse London premiere. Seriously, guys, it’s hard work wearing heels, even when you’re not in the spotlight.

She takes criticism in her stride

Her response to claims she’s trip-happy for a bit of camera action: ‘If I was going to plan it, I would have done it at the Golden Globes or the SAGs… I would never have done it two Oscars in a row... I’m craftier than that!’

She pulls the best facial expressions. Period.

Enough said, really.

Her honesty is endearing

On red-carpet nerves: ‘It’s so scary. And then I end up getting so nervous that I get like [I am] now. I get really hyper. [Squeals.] So then I go into interviews and I’m like a chihuahua! I’m shaking and peeing! And then afterwards, I’m like, “I just talked about peeing on the red carpet.’’’ LOL!

She’s #hairgoals

Is it any wonder sleek platinum hair was trending after J-Law’s appearance at the Oscars? Paired with a neutral lip and a subtle smoky eye, she looks just beaut. And don’t even get us started on that killer floor-length Dior gown.


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