Today Joe Sugg, brother of Zoella and one of our FAVE vloggers, turns 25. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up his top five funny videos of all time. Get ready to giggle!

Possibly the best video bomb we’ve ever seen

This vid shows Joe and vlogging pal Caspar Lee on a plane chatting about their upcoming trip to Orlando, when a fellow passenger, sitting behind them, sticks her head between their seats…

Joe shows us how to recreate emojis with our faces

We know he’s got many hidden talents, but his ability to recreate emojis with his face may just be one of the most impressive…

Prank calls with Zoella

Put two YouTube legends in front of a camera and give them a phone... and the outcome is some seriously hilarious prank-call material.

Dressing up as a bad grandpa

The lengths that Joe will go to make us laugh knows no limits – maybe that’s why he’s one of our favourites! In this prank, he dresses up as a ‘bad grandpa’ and strolls around town.

Joe cringes watching awkward videos from when it all began…

When Joe finds some uncut videos from when he started posting on YouTube, he finds it seriously cringeworthy. Here, he watches them on camera for the first time!