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5 mistakes you’re making when you shave – Superdrug
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5 mistakes you’re making when you shave

Playsuit season may be over, but we’re still persevering with midi skirts and culottes, so shaving our legs is a hard-and-fast must on the beauty to-do list. However, if you said you hated hair removal, you’d probably be backed by 99.9% of the population. It’s a chore, there’s no doubt about it – which means we can slip into bad habits. From rushing through it to grabbing the first blade you can find, here are the five mistakes you’re making while shaving – and why you should avoid them.

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1. Your razor doesn’t have enough blades

A general rule of thumb about shaving: the more blades, the better. Make sure you’re using a razor that has at least three blades, as this will halve your shaving time. What’s more, since each blade is doing less work, your razor will probably last longer. Try the Gillette Venus Swirl Razor, with five flexible blades, which remove hair close to the skin while contouring around those tricky areas – bye-bye patchy knees and ankles!

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2. You’re using too much shaving cream

Although shaving cream is a must (yes, a must!), it’s easy to use too much of it. Truth is, you only need a thin layer to lubricate and moisturise your skin while you shave. Going overboard can cause your razor to become clogged, which, in turn, means the blades can’t get as close to your skin as it should.

3. You can’t let go

We all get attached to things, but your razor should not be one of them. You need to switch them out regularly (every 5-10 shaves is a good benchmark). Keep an eye on the blades and check for any build-up, rust or dullness. All these things can lead to nicks, cuts or skin irritation and make shaving even more annoying than it already is.

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4. You’re picking the wrong moment

There’s more to the science of shaving than you might think. You can make the process easier (or more difficult) depending on when you decide to shave. Too soon and your hairs won’t be soft enough, but wait too long and your skin can wrinkle, making it harder to get a smooth shave. The best time to put razor to leg is about 10-15 minutes into your bath/shower. The hairs will be softer, and the follicles will have opened up just enough to allow for the closest, most comfortable shave possible.

5. You’re not maintaining your razor properly

Razor maintenance… who thought it, aye? Well, think of it this way – if you look after your razor, it’ll look after you. One of the biggest mistakes we all make, especially when we’re in a rush, is not rinsing our razors regularly enough. Ideally, you should rinse after each stroke to prevent unnecessary build-up. In a hurry, every two-three strokes should do the trick.

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