We caught up with the Olympic athlete to chat all things #TeamMe

Earlier this year, Superdrug launched #TeamMe. Rebecca Adlington is fronting the campaign, and we managed to snatch five minutes of her time to find out more about it…

Hey, Rebecca, tell us about #TeamMe

#TeamMe is an initiative that Superdrug Health & Wellbeing asked me to get involved in – which I was more than happy to do. This is a big year for sport, and we want the campaign to jump on the back of all the inspiration the nation will feel throughout the year. Our aim is to encourage people to achieve their own personal health goals by joining the movement and pledging to reach their target, whatever it might be – from losing weight to reducing cholesterol levels. By using the hashtag, everyone in the country can be involved – and they’ll have Superdrug by their side the whole way!

Why did you want to take part in this campaign?

I’ve been involved in sport for so long, and health and fitness have always been my priorities. Being a new mum has heightened my health awareness, so I’m excited to team up with Superdrug to help motivate others.

How will you encourage other people to join?

I hope my involvement in this campaign will inspire lots of people. I met the #TeamMe recruits at a photoshoot, and they’re a great bunch! I’m really enjoying following their journey, and I’ll be telling my friends, family and fans about everything Superdrug has to offer.

To find out more about #TeamMe and discover the songs that are on Rebecca’s gym playlist, head to www.superdrug.com/dare.