We caught up with the face of the new Superdrug Shades Of Beauty campaign, June Sarpong, to talk black and Asian high-street beauty buys…

How do you find shopping for black and Asian women’s hair and beauty products?

I think it’s terrible on the high street. It’s non-existent, which is why I think Superdrug’s new Shades Of Beauty campaign is so important and groundbreaking. If Superdrug really pushes this, it could become one of the most profitable segments of the store. One thing that black and Asian women don’t skimp on is our hair! So in all seriousness, it’s about time.

Tell us about being the celebrity ambassador for the Shades Of Beauty campaign and what made you want to do it

There’s a lack of great products on the high street for women of colour, which is something my hairdresser, make-up artist and I have been talking about for years. It’s very different in America – you can get products anywhere. So when Superdrug approached me, I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is fantastic. I’ve been waiting for this.’ I’m thrilled and honoured to be helping to kick-start the campaign.

What are you hoping the campaign will achieve? Do you think it’s a trigger for other high-street brands to start doing something similar?

If they’re smart, they will do! It’s about making women of colour know they are as important to the beauty industry as other women. I think this campaign will also help normalise beauty products that are diverse. If you look at people shopping on Oxford Street in London, you see so many different shades of skin, and up until now probably 30-40% of them couldn’t go into a store to find something for them. Now it’s different – which is great!

Cool. So what are your go-to beauty and hair products?

I really like the Shea Moisture products. I use them and usually get them from America, so I’m so glad they’re here and in store. I tried the Superdrug B. range, too, and it’s really good! I also like the Corn Silk range. I’ve been using it for 25 years, and it’s the best thing for making your face look matt.


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