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5 different ways to exfoliate your body – Superdrug
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5 different ways to exfoliate your body

We hate to break it to you, but summer’s on its way out and as September creeps up on us, it’s time to change up some beauty habits. But before you succumb to the opaque tights and knee-high boots of autumn, treat your body to a bit of TLC.

Exfoliating gloves

OK, they might look like something you’d wear to do the housework or washing-up, but – trust us – they’ll leave your skin smoother.

Best for: If you’re on a budget

Pros: Fast, easy and super-cheap. Use the gloves with a scrub for double skin-smoothing power or just with your shower gel.

Cons: You’ll need to wash them fairly frequently, and they can be a bit uncomfortably scratchy on sensitive skin.

Caffeine scrubs

Caffeine scrubs are a huge Instagram beauty trend – you’re bound to have seen all those pictures of gleaming skin covered in dark coffee-like granules – but is all the hype true?

Best for: Sensitive skin

Pros: As coffee is the same ph balance as skin, it won’t upset delicate bods. It’s also packed with antioxidants, so it can help with anti-ageing. And if you’re a caffeine addict, you’ll love the smell.

Cons: Caffeine scrubs can make a mess, so be prepared to scrub down the bathroom, too!

Oil-based scrubs

A good oil-based scrub will give you a spa-like experience and the luxest feeling of all the options.

Best for: Dry skin

Pros: Oil-based scrubs are super-moisturising, so they’re ideal for dry or dehydrated skin or for when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to spend time applying body lotion afterwards.

Cons: You shouldn’t use an oil-based scrub before a fake-tan session, as the oil will prevent the tan working effectively on your skin.

Textured sponges

Shower flowers, bath scrunchies, spa sponges, buffers, call them what you will… these mesh shower accessories make everyday exfoliating easy peasy.

Best for: Daily exfoliation 

Pros: They’re gentle enough to use every time you shower and provide an effortless way to keep on top of exfoliating. Just lather up with your shower gel and you’re done!

Cons: They tend to fall apart quite quickly – but they’re inexpensive, too.

Body brushing

Start at the soles of your feet and brush towards the heart. Not only will your skin be smoother, but the brushing action improves your circulation and immune system.

Best for: Detoxing

Pros: Body brushing is one of the only ways to improve the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin, as well as leaving your skin smoother. Daily dry body brushing also helps improve your circulation and immune system.

Cons: You need to do it every day to get any results, so it can be time-consuming. Some people also find it a bit painful.

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