In case you didn’t know, today is officially Bring Your Dog To Work Day, so what better excuse than to paw over the cutest dogs from Celebville

Pig, owned by Nick Grimshaw


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Gah, not only is Pig one of the best names for a dog, but she’s also adorable. The bull terrier goes on all sorts of adventures with Grimmy, from a recent trip to a catwalk show at London Collection Men, to a fun weekend camping at Soho Farmhouse. What would it take for us to get an invite next time?

Darla, owned by Vanessa Hudgens

There’s nothing we love more than seeing celebs out walking their dogs, especially when said dogs are as cute as Vanessa Hudgen’s pooch, Darla. With her pink lead and a little smile on her face, we think she’s a happy little puppy – and rightly so!

Norman Reedus, owned by Ricky Wilson

I met this bruiser today. He's called Norman Reedus.

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Ricky Wilson, of Kaiser Chiefs and The Voice fame, has recently bought a new puppy and called him Norman Reedus. Norman is a great name for a labradoodle, but the meaning goes much deeper, and fans of TV series The Walking Dead will appreciate it a whole lot more than those who’ve never seen it. Are we right?

Finn, owned by Amanda Seyfried

Ahh, how happy does Finn the Australian Shepherd dog look, with his cute fluffy ears and tail? We reckon he’d be the perfect snuggle buddy on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Nala, owned by Zoe Sugg & Alfie Deyes

Nala looks so chic today 💁🏼

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There was absolutely no way we could list our fave celeb puppies without including this beauty. Nala the pug, owned by Zoella and Alfie, is so adorbs we can’t handle it. We basically live for Instagram pics and Snapchats of her, and don’t even get us started on whenever she makes an appearance in either of the couple’s YouTube vids!

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