Ever wondered what the secret is to the perfect skin flaunted so effortlessly by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid? Is it expensive makeup? Is it good genes? No, it’s mostly down to circulation and facial muscles. We’ve delved into the world of Pinterest and brought you the four most popular hacks to help improve your skin. If you’re a more-results-less-effort person, these are for you.

Hack 1: give yourself a facial massage

Massage can help to increase the blood flow around your face. Use your ring finger and massage in circular motions, which eases the pressure on your skin and helps you relax.

Hack 2: downward dog

We all get those days when our skin is looking a bit dull, so release your inner spaniel and do the downward dog. This position increases circulation to your face, giving you a blushed glow.

Hack 3: facial exercises

We keep our bodies in shape by going to the gym, so why not give our face a workout too? Pull your most selfie-worthy pout and try to smile with your cheeks at the same time.

Hack 4: sleep on your back

Apparently, sleeping on your side or your front causes folds in the skin created by the pressure of your face on the pillow. This means that while you sleep, you’re ironing the folds in forever. Sleep on your back, folks… you’ll thank us in 20 years’ time.

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