To celebrate her 15 years as the face of Rimmel, Kate Moss chats to us about fashion, beauty and stealing Noel Gallagher’s trainers… yes, really!

What was the inspiration behind the Kate Moss Anniversary Collection that you’ve put together to celebrate 15 years with Rimmel?

Well, 15 years is quite a lot – it’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ve done 40 shoots… it’s mental. So we decided to bring back all my favourite red and nude lipsticks because I only wear nude and red, and we put them together as a collection.

Tell us why your signature lipstick look is nude

Because when you want to lighten and brighten your make-up, it finishes the look and you don’t have to really think about it. You can just whack it on and go.

Is it genuinely a working Kate look?

Yes, it’s working Kate.

What eye look would you have with a nude lip?

A smoky eye, with just a bit of brown and black smudged shadow.

And does your working look include trainers carried in your bag?

How very dare you?! No, I do wear Sambas occasionally. My black Adidas Sambas, which Noel Gallagher gave me in 1992, will come out. He’s going to be really annoyed that I’ve had them now! Sorry!

Do you like going to red-carpet events?

No, I don’t like that whole sitting in the car and thinking about my outfit looking creased when I get out. Also, I never know what I’m going to wear till the last minute – I’m so disorganised like that.

If you had to choose between a make-up artist and a hairstylist to get ready for a big event, which would it be?

I’d say make-up because I can kinda do my own hair. I don’t really do hairdos.

You’re a big fan of the eyeliner flick… do you have a tip for getting it right?

I kinda pull the eyebrow to the side and go from the corner to the end of it. I don’t really get it right all the time, and when it’s right, it’s probably not me who did it.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt about make-up?

To use a brush, not my hands. I didn’t really wear make-up when I was younger – I just used to wear kohl eyeliner. Now I’m a bit older, I’m learning to have a base, more cheeks, and contouring the eye maybe.

What is your style mantra?

I don’t take it too seriously. I love it, but it’s not everything to me. I wouldn’t go, ‘I’ve got nothing to wear, I’m not going out.’ No, I’d never not go out.

And who is your beauty muse?

Joan Collins. She’s like 83 and looks 53. I did a selfie with her, and she looked younger than me. She looks so good for her age.

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