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What’s New at Superdrug? – Superdrug
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What’s New at Superdrug?

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At Superdrug, we've been super busy over the last few months working on launching new brands and developing the best services for our customers. Read on to find out all about the latest products available to buy and the new interactive tools ready for you to try.

Give Our Product Finders a Go

We’re so spoilt for choice in the health and beauty industry, it can sometimes be a little tricky to narrow down all the amazing options we have! So, to help you discover the product that is perfectly suited to your needs, we have created a series of interactive tools to help transform your shopping experience.

For example, are you trying to give up smoking? We can help you find the right product and also show you how much money you can save by quitting.

Are your allergies getting you down? Find a formulation with our allergy finder to ease your symptoms.

Or perhaps you just want to give your overall health a boost? Well, our vitamin finder has been created to help you find the correct product to suit your needs.

If skin and makeup are more your thing, no worries, we have something exciting for you too! Our skin analysis tool will determine which products, available at Superdrug, are best for your skin type. All you need to do is answer a few questions, upload a selfie (say cheese!) and we’ll suggest your very own personalised skincare routine!

And for the makeup lovers out there, give our 60 second get the look makeup quiz a go and discover a brand-new makeup routine.

There’s lots lot explore, click here to give them all a go!

Range of Superdrug vitamins to promote superdrug vitamin finder
Superdrug vitamin C range on an orange background

New & Exclusive: King C Gillette

Styling your beard has just become a breeze with the new King C Gillette range. The premium collection of facial hair styling products is bought to you with over 100 years’ experience and features beard trimmers, razor blades and beard grooming products.

Work your facial hair up into a lather with their Beard & Facial Hair Wash, style it to perfection with their Soft Beard Balm or give it a precise trim with their Beard Trimmer Kit.

Read more about the luxurious new range in our article ‘How To Master Your Beard Style With King C Gillette’ or explore the full range here: King C Gillette.

King C. Gillette King C. Gillette Cordless Men's Beard Trimmer Kit £29.99 Buy Now

NEW: Natural Cycles

Ladies, do you want to learn about your body and discover when you are most fertile? Natural Cycles offers you an effective way to manage all of these with their 100% hormone-free contraception method.

Natural Cycles isn’t a pill or an injection, it is in fact an FDA approved birth control app that puts the power in the palm of your hand!

Now available at Superdrug, you will find their Contraception Starter Kit, which includes a 6-month subscription to the app, as well as at-home Pregnancy and Ovulation tests.

How does it work?

The contraceptive app works in 3 steps.


One: Take your temperate first thing in the morning using the Natural Cycles thermometer from your starter kit.


Two: Enter your temperature into the app and Natural Cycles will analyse your unique cycle and identify your fertility status.


Three: Instantly find out if that day is a fertile day for you or not.

Charting body temperature is not a new birth control method, however Natural Cycles pairs this traditional method with their algorithm that learns the pattern of your unique cycle (you also have to input your period and sex data, as well information on mood changes) to predict your fertile window.

To find out more about Natural Cycles and whether it is the right method for you, or to take a look at the full range available at Superdrug, click here: Natural Cycles.

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