Do your mates always go to you for love advice? Or maybe you're the one who grills your know-it-all bff? Whatever end of the scale you are, our very own sexpert is here to help answer all your sexual health questions. 

Hitting the bustling streets of London with a mic in tow, Alix Fox talks to passers-by about our new collection of ONE condoms and all-things safe sex. And yes, people actually found the time to stop and chat and it got... interesting! From Skywalker sex (yes, it's a legit thing #MayTheForceBeWithYou) to a friendly game of 'guess the condom flavour', take a peek to find out if you know more than the general public. 

ONE condoms: What you need to know

ONE condoms are all about safe sex  and they're a Superdrug exclusive - you heard it here first! And boy, are you about to get lucky (see what we did there?). From ultra-thin varieties that are 35% thinner than an average Johnny to their unique flavour combos, you'll be safely spicing up things in the bedroom with this new go-to brand.