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Just Landed: Neutrogena Spot Treatment Pen – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Neutrogena Spot Treatment Pen

NEUTROGENA Light Therapy mask and pen surrounded by makeup products

The NEUTROGENA® team understands the importance of clear skin, which is why they have launched two Light Therapy devices so that you can start treating your spots and acne* at the source with clinically proven light technology.

The blue and red light tackle spots and breakouts from beneath the skin’s surface, with the blue light targeting the nasty bacteria and the red light calming your skin by reducing the inflammation. Light Therapy is effective yet gentle as it is a UV and chemical free treatment.

*mild-moderate acne

NEUTROGENA Light Therapy pen displayed on pink background with pink crayons
NEUTROGENA Light Therapy pen on pink glitter

Targeted Light Therapy Treatment

The NEUTROGENA® team is aware that one of the biggest problems for those who suffer from breakouts is that they often seem to pop up at the most awkward times. Sometimes no matter how much planning you do for important moments, like a job interview, or a first date, it can be ruined at the last minute by an unwanted spot, so you feel like the world is watching your spot and not you.

It is this insight that led the NEUTROGENA® team to find a way of offering a quick and easy yet effective blemish control so that you can look and feel your best, giving you the self-assurance to truly own the moment.

The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Targeted Acne Spot Treatment is perfect for those unwanted spots that appear at the worst moment as it treats spots fast. It is easy to use on-the-go as it creates no mess, flaking or residue. It should be used for 2 minutes, 3x per day until the spot is gone.

Full-Face Light Therapy Treatment

The NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Acne Mask is a full-face treatment that should be used for 10 minutes per day. In a clinical trial: visible results were seen in as little as 1 week, with results improving over time, 98% of acne sufferers showed fewer breakouts, 94% claimed they had smoother skin, 90% showed a reduction in red, inflammatory acne and 85% agreed it was gentle on skin*.

The team at NEUTROGENA® appreciate the impact acne can have on your self-esteem. This is why all users of the Light Therapy Acne Mask can get access to 90 10 minute mindfulness sessions, making it possible to mediate whilst masking. Users can also track their skin’s progress and download a progress video from day 2.
To access these features, mask users need to visit SCAN.NEUTROGENA.CO.UK on their mobile device and scan the NEUTROGENA® LOGO on the NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator.


*Clinical study on 52 subjects with mild to moderate acne, 12 weeks with 10 min daily use.

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