L’oréal Men Expert: Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion

If you have a tattoo, you will know that the more you care for inked skin, the longer it will look fresh and vibrant. To help you care for your tattoos, the team at L’oréal Paris Men Expert introduced a new way to keep your bodywork gleaming.

How the Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion Can Help

The sun, your next seaside holiday and even your daily shower can make tattoos look dull and faded. Not only your ink may look less vibrant but also over time, it may lose definition.

The Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion has been crafted to keep your ink in mint condition, and prevent colours from fading. This unique and revolutionary lotion is designed especially for tattoo care.

Because this daily lotion is powered with creatine, it works to increase brightness, prevent fading, revive colour contrasts and even sharpen contours.

The Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion is packed with vitamin agents and boasts a fresh and light texture. The cream is non-sticky, non-greasy and leaves no residue – perfect for daily tattoo care.

Enjoy intense 24h hydration and nourishment which will help to make your tattoos appear brighter and more radiant.

How to use the Hydra Energetic Tattoo Reviver Lotion

The lotion is quick and easy to use. Simply apply it generously to the whole body, focusing on tattooed areas in particular. Do not apply on non-healed skin, this product is for long-term aftercare.