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Just Landed: Superdrug Light Lubes – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Superdrug Light Lubes

Superdrug Light Lubes Group Shot

Superdrug's new Light Lubes have launched and we want them all!

When it comes to getting our freak on, anything that’ll make the moment hotter, we’re well and truly game for. Vibrators? Send them our way. Body oil? Call us the massage masters. Sexy undies? Yup, we’ve got a drawer full of ’em. But if you’ve been forgetting lube, let us tell you, you’re missing a trick.

Why? Well, if you’ve ever been with a partner on the erm, larger side of life, it can make the whole thing a damn sight more comfortable… not to mention the possibility of that early-morning quickie. It can even prevent against sexy injuries and ailments. Ever suffered from friction burn? Then you’ll know what we mean…

So when Superdrug Light Lubes landed on the DARE desk, it was a scrum to see who got to put them to the test – and we ended up taking one home each. Well, sharing is caring, right?   

Packshot Of Superdrug Light Lubes

Putting them to the test...

First thing we loved? The lolzy names. While some lubes are packaged in serious, straight-up tubes, when it comes to a good old bonk, we find laughter’s the best way to get loose. And with names like Hanky Panky, The No Pants Dance, Hide The Sausage and Getting Lucky, these little pots are the perfect thing to WET (sorry, we couldn’t resist) your appetite. 

But where did the fruity naming inspo come from? Well, Superdrug asked 2,000 Brits how they'd get their other half in the mood for a little V day lovin' and rather than straight up asking for a bit of rumpy pumpy, they used a range of facial expressions (31%), secret signs (48%) and a secret language (54%) to try and get lucky. And with 23% of the nation finding the ‘let’s go to bed’ convo totally awks, the hilarious names are designed to give a helping hand.



Wondering about the formula? Let us tell you, these truly put the l-u-b-e in lubrication. With a water-based, non-sticky formula that won’t stain your fancy new bed sheets, they get serious glide points. Whether you want to lube up while you’re getting handsy or want a little less friction during l-o-v-e making, they truly help get sex off the starting blocks.

Oh, and did we mention that they only cost £3.99 and if you order them online they'll arrive in store the next day? Yup, makes that last-minute Valentine’s Day panic to get date night ready a little more purse-friendly and practical, doesn’t it?

Superdrug Light Lubes are limited edition and available exclusively from Superdrug.com. 

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