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Just Landed: Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist – Superdrug
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Just Landed: Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist

Layering Lab

Introducing Layering Lab - express who you are through the scent you wear. If you still haven’t found your signature scent, simply create it yourself. Superdrug’s own Layering Lab is here to help.

Layer two scents to create your own unique blend, or simply wear the fragrances on their own. Here’s a bit more about each scent:

Layering Lab
Layering Lab Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Gourmand 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Gourmand: Vanilla, cassis, berries

A splash of elegance highlighted by a fizzy accord of cassis and red berries melted with sweet roses revealed by an edible base made of vanilla beans layered with sugary notes and sensual musk.

Layering Lab Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Paradise 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Paradise: Tangerine, green tea, vanilla

The scent opens on a paradise beach where the gentle lapping of the waves hit the shore. This exotic freshness inspired by the tangerine leads to a warm and solar white flowers & green tea heart before diving on the divine trail of vanilla, amber and creamy sandalwood. A true I-am-on-vacation feeling.

Layering Lab Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Floral 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Floral: Rose, raspberries, musk

A romantic floral fragrance which opens on a fresh fruity facet composed of raspberries and blackberries blended with a bright bouquet of fresh peonies, rose petals and violet leaves, wrapped in a soft white musk undertone.

Layering Lab Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Oriental 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Oriental: Spice, berries, floral

A sensual and addictive fragrance combining red fruits notes with a spicy floral accord based on orris, rose and sensual warm spices. This combination is enriched by an oriental and seductive base which mingles warm patchouli, luxurious amber and rich dark vanilla.

Layering Lab Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Fresh 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Fresh: Citrus, apple, peony

The scent opens on a sparkling fruity trail where citrus and grapefruit melt with juicy apple and sweet pear. The aquatic floral heart of peony then leads to musk’s softness. As fresh and pure as the morning dew.

Layering Lab  Superdrug Layering Lab Body Mist Cocoon 100ml £3.99 Buy Now

Cocoon: Jasmine, vanilla, musk

The scent reveals it pure whiteness with the powdery trail of rice accord and jasmine followed by the reassuring volutes of white flowers and white tea. As base note, wrapping sandalwood, vanilla and musk give the feeling of a soft veil of cashmere on skin.

Layering Perfume Inspiration

Floral + Gourmand= The Perfect Everyday Scent

A sweet, floral, feel good fragrance. It embodies simple beauty, happiness and will put a smile on your face. The fragrance will also spread a wave of joy around you.

Paradise + Cocoon = Sweet Escape

After a long day, this fragrance will help you escape from your daily routine and will uplift your senses!  Time to escape, to enjoy and party!

Cocoon + Floral = Cosy and Romantic

A cocooning yet flowery combination to enjoy holidays in the mountains, dancing under the snow in the sunlit warmth, wrapped in the softness and smoothness of a cashmere sweater.

layering lab
layering lab

Fresh + Paradise = Summer, summer, summer

An invigorating and exotic combination to enjoy early days of summer and go for a walk in a white sandy beach.

Floral + Oriental = A Truly Special Day

A sensual and sophisticated perfume that will be your best asset for a special occasion and if you want to stand out. This blend will be perfect for a romantic and unforgettable date, and for sure, you will get some attention and he will fall in love.

Oriental + Gourmand = Date Night

An oriental yet gourmand combination to feel sexy and confident and make your boyfriend melt with pleasure.

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