Young boy and girl looking at each other happy and in love.

Did you know that Sunday at 9am is the most popular time that we want to have sex… And that Tuesday at 9pm just doesn’t work for us?

Our survey of 2,000 Brits also found that Saturday is by far the sexiest day of the week with 11.30am, 10.30pm and 11.30pm all making the top five, with a late entry at 10:30pm on a Friday to complete the lineup of when people would like to have sex.

Young boy and girl looking at each other happy and in love.

The top ten most popular times for sex are:

Sunday            9.00am

Saturday         10.30pm

Saturday         11.30pm

Friday             10.30pm

Saturday         10.30am

Saturday         11.30am

Friday             10.30pm

Saturday         11.15pm

Saturday         9.30pm

Sunday            9.30pm

The least popular times for sex, during typical awake hours, are:

Monday           4.45pm

Monday            3.00pm

Tuesday           5.30pm

Tuesday           9.00pm

Thursday          8.00am

Thursday         1.30pm

Monday           8.00am

Wednesday     7.30am

Friday               5.00pm

Saturday          5.00pm

This means that we want to have sex far more at the weekend than during the week, and the desire to have evening/night time sex is stronger and more frequent than morning sex, even at the weekend.

The results have led Superdrug to develop an entirely new product line of fun lubes named after these specific times.

According to sexpert, Alix Fox, “Superdrug’s new Sex O’Clock lubes are a fun way of dropping a hint and kicking off the conversation. Plus, lubricant always makes lovemaking smoother, slicker and more comfortable whether it’s dawn or dusk. It’s one of the most useful products anyone can bring into the bedroom.”

The new limited edition lubes will be available exclusively online until stocks last, in the following times:

Sunday            9.00am

Saturday         10.30pm

Saturday         11.30pm

Friday              10.30pm

Saturday         11.15pm

Saturday         9.30pm

Thursday         8.00am

Tuesday          9.00pm