When we think of fast food, nourishing and nutritious would probably be the last words to spring to mind. But sometimes life gets in the way, and there’s no way around grabbing food on the go that often lacks in the health department. SIGH.

So when the NutriPot range landed on our desks, promising to be both delicious AND healthy, we were super-keen to try it. Could these pots change the fast-food game for good?


The pots come in five different flavours: Aromatic Thai Noodles, Chicken & Mushroom Noodles, Moroccan Couscous, Quattro Formaggi Pasta and Pasta Bolognese. YUM. Each member of the DARE team tried a pot, and we gotta say, we were SERIOUSLY impressed.

Not only do they taste bloomin’ delicious, each NutriPot provides half the body’s 28 daily vitamin and mineral needs, helping to keep bones and teeth strong, and skin, hair and nails healthy – and to reduce tiredness and fatigue. They’re veggie friendly, too, with no genetically modified soya or MSG. The even better news? They’re only £2.49 each!


All you have to do is top up the pots with hot water and you’ve got a high-protein, low-sat fat quick and easy lunch… *currently requesting a whole year’s supply*