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To get in shape – and, probs more importantly, stay that way – we all know that what we eat is just as important as putting in sweat work at the gym. Whether we’re pounding the pavement, hitting up HIIT or lifting heavy (a booty doesn’t grow itself now, does it?), we swear by protein powder for refuelling after exercise. So, as you can imagine, we were pretty damn happy when we got news of a few protein-packed prods launching.

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New from Protein World

While protein powder is usually formulated with whey, which is derived from dairy, it has finally turned green, thanks to Protein World. And, let us tell you, this stuff makes for a guilt-free tasty treat!

Woman chopping up fruit to prepare a smoothie with protein powder

Packed with a whole load of plant power – think pea, quinoa and hemp protein – it also contains probiotics and 26 vitamins to give your body EXACTLY what it needs. Whether you throw a scoop into your morning smoothie (our go-to is peanut butter, spinach and banana, for you nosy types) or you preload your shaker to have it sharpish after spin, it makes for an additive-free way to get your post-workout protein.

Protein World Protein World Vegan Blend Vanilla 600g £19.99 Buy Now

And if you’ve found yourself a little short on energy since going vegan, why not supplement your meat-free meals with new Protein World Vegan Energy Capsules? With B12, vitamin D3, calcium, iron and zinc, as well as superfoods maca powder and ginseng, these little capsules pack a mood-enhancing and body-boosting punch.

New from Somebody

For those who like a little flavour in their lives, Somebody has launched a brand-new banana protein powder. Formulated for you fruity types, it tastes just like the real deal, with minerals and vitamins to help replenish and restore muscles. So go fill your boots for a tasty post-circuit treat.

Easy like Sunday morning, there are also new ready-mixed protein pancakes. Try serving them with a scoop of yogurt, a few berries and some mint for a gram-worthy breakfast.