If you’re all about those beauty bargains, you’ve come to the right place. MUA has launched loads of makeup must-haves to help you shimmer and sparkle through springtime. With a brand-spanking-new line of holographic lip kits and three iridescent shade additions to the shimmer highlight range, MUA’s gonna be a go-to for festival season. But hold your unicorns! You can’t slap on the sparkle without a flawless base, so you’ll love that the range includes colour-correcting, canvas-perfecting ultra-fine setting powders – thanks, MUA, you’re legends.

Composition shot of MUA ultra-fine powders, highlighters and lip kits

Powder power

gif of 5 MUA powders appearing one by one in a circle and disappearing again

If you want your face to do a full shift, setting powders are the way to go. The great thing about MUA’s new powder products is that they’re ultra-fine, so they’ll help your makeup slay all day without developing into a cakey canvas. The weightless texture allows for a smooth and simple application, giving you a professional finish that’ll leave your mates wondering why your skin looks so good.

Mattifying Translucent: This is the perfect powder for those of you with fairer skin tones. Set your makeup with it and it’ll stay flawless all day long.

Banana Bake: Who doesn’t love a good banana powder? This little baby will neutralise darker tones, correct any redness in your complexion and set your makeup.

Neutralising Apricot: If you have a darker skin tone, this is the powder you need in your shopping basket… like right now. It’s warm-toned and weightless, and once you’ve tried it, you won’t be without it.

Balancing Green: If you suffer with red skin, this minty-hued powder is the marvel you need in your life. It’s colour correcting at its ultra-finest.

Illuminating Lilac: After a more radiant complexion? Get your hands on this beauty buy because lilac brightens dull skin.

MUA MUA Professional Loose Powder Mattifying Translucent £4.00 Buy Now
MUA MUA Professional Loose Powder Banana Bake £4.00 Buy Now

Light up your lip

gif showing two bare arms, then liquid lipstick swatches appearing, then holographic lip toppers appearing

MUA is all over the holo trend with these lively lip kits. Each one comes with a base coat and a transforming lip topper…

The base coats: Vibrant and silky liquid lippies with colour payoff to die for and serious staying power.

The toppers: Glitter-packed glosses with stellar shine.

Put ’em together and you’ve got a killer combo that’ll defs turn some heads – and get some serious attention on Insta. You’ve got three colours to choose from: nude, pink and purple, and, as with most MUA products, they’re an absolute bargain – yes please!

You glow, Glen Coco

three MUA highlighters swapping colours in a line

If you’re all about the highlighter, these new shimmer powders will get you bouncing off the walls. We love MUA’s current range, so when we heard it had been extended, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed. With three new shades to choose from, two of which are made of mesmerising duochrome pigments you’ll find something that floats your boat.

(Duochrome means that the product appears to change colour depending on how the light hits it for you technical types.)

Twinkling Violet: This duochrome-colour highlighter shifts between illuminating violet and eye-catching blue, to give your complexion a lift that’s out of this world.

Hollywood Rose: This duochrome shade will leave you in awe. With a shift from rose to gold, it warms up any makeup look and leaves you looking ready for spring.

Silver Wonder: If you prefer a cooler-toned highlight, this is the one for you. The stunning silver pigments catch the light beautifully and will leave you looking radiant.

All in all, we’ve gotta say, these new launches are absolute must-haves for spring!